Bow hunting

Our company offer the opportunity for Bowhunting in Hungary. We have 1500 Acers set up only for Bowhunting to give the best opportunity for Bowhunters.

The Hungarian nation is traditionally an archery-nation, having said that modern archery hunting is 15 years old. The reason behind it modern archery hunting become legal 15 years ago. Since the legalization of Bowhunting, the Bowhunting community is keep growing and more and more Bow hunters around the world travel to Hungary. In a lot of countries for example Bowhunting in the UK is illegal and you if can’t Bow hunt in your home country Hungary is the best place you can go. The Hungarian wildlife stocks as a result of conscious wildlife management, based on centuries-old experience and the management of the excellent gene features, the Hungarian stock of Mouflon Red deer, fallow deer, roe deer and Wild Boar is famous all over the world.

In our Hunting estates, we have all the equipment like tree stands, high seats and covers for a successful hunting trip. But the most important is we created areas only for Bow Hunters where only Bow Hunters can Hunt. As a result of our effort in these areas the animals move earlier and in bigger numbers than in other areas.

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