Wild boar hunt opportunity


These animals are found throughout Hungary and are much sought after by UK hunters. The animals have no close season as they breed and multiply so fast and, as a result, every February estates have to estimate the number of wild boar in their areas, a figure given to the government which, in turn, requires 120% of the number to be shot each year in order to control numbers. Sows have four to 10 piglets annually so the population swiftly expands. However, from February to the end of September, hunters must be careful not to shoot a sow which may have dependent young. During this period only stalking and high seats are allowed.

High seat hunting in the evening over feeders takes place all year round, though spring and summer on farmland can be very productive. Stalking usually takes place in the morning unless the ground is frozen, when sound will betray the hunter. Driven wild boar takes place from November until the end of January and involves 12-15 Rifles on well organised drives with beaters and dogs. An average bag may be around 15 boar. On these hunts foxes, golden jackals, red and fallow hinds and calves can be shot as well as boar. In addition, mini-drives with only five or six Rifles and a few beaters without dogs are very popular. The animals are not driven, but simply moved towards the Rifles. In Hungary wild boar can weigh over 259 kg and males may have tusks over 25cm

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