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Red deer hunt

Hungarian red stags combine the best elements of western and eastern European deer. The antlers carry many points and are very heavy. Stags with heads carrying 20 plus points and can weighing more than 14kg have been shot, while world record trophy heads, such as the Karpancsai stag with 271.01 CIC points, weighing 14.50kg and

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Roe deer hunt

This native species can be found throughout Hungary, though there are two areas each with different habitats and types of deer. The west and north of the country hold average roe, but in the south and east where there is limited forestry and mostly agricultural land some of Europe’s finest roe bucks can be found.

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Fallow deer hunt

The Hungarian Hunting Association introduced fallow in 81 locations and outstanding animals can now be found throughout the country, other than in high hills and mountains. Two areas in the east and south-west have produced world records over the past 40 years right now the top 3 trophy is from Hungary. Again, stalking and high

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Mouflon hunt

Mouflon were introduced to Hungary in 1882. Now found in the Hungarian mountains, hunters need to be fit and while high seats can be used, stalking is the most favoured method. However, some estates keep mouflon in fenced areas of 500 to 600 hectares for hunters who are not fit enough for mountain stalking. A

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Wild boar hunt

These animals are found throughout Hungary and are much sought after by UK hunters. The animals have no close season as they breed and multiply so fast and, as a result, every February estates have to estimate the number of wild boar in their areas, a figure given to the government which, in turn, requires

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Small games hunt

Hungary main small game species is the Pheasant, Brown Hare and the Wild Duck. You can find this species all over Hungary. PHEASANT (PHASIANUS COLCHICUS) Pheasants were introduced to Europe in the middle ages and since then it spread almost all across the continent. It is the most common feathered game today. Several subspecies were

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Moon Phases

Sun, 5 Dec 2021, 01h26 UT
(All times in GMT)

Phase: Waxing Crescent in 23.6° SAGITTARIUS
Nakshatra: 12.5° Jyeshtha

Phase: 2.93 %
Ilumination fraction: 0.84 %
Age: 0.866 day(s)
Diam. : 986.2 ''
Distance: 363484.3 km

New Moon: Sat, 04 Dec 2021 , 07h44 UT
First quarter: Sat, 11 Dec 2021 , 01h37 UT
Full Moon: Sun, 19 Dec 2021 , 04h37 UT
Last quarter: Mon, 27 Dec 2021 , 02h26 UT
New Moon: Sun, 02 Jan 2022 , 18h35 UT

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