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Red deer hunting season

Red deer hunting season

Mature trophy stag: 01 September – 31 October
Cull stag: 01 September – 31 January
Hind: 01 September – 31 January
Calf: 01 September – last day of February


Roe deer hunting season

Roebuck: 15 April – 30 September
Roe doe: 01 October – last day of February
Kid: 01 October – last day of February


Fallow deer hunting season

Trophy (Mature) fallow buck: 01 October – 30 November
Cull buck: 01 October – last day of February
Doe, Fawn: 01 October – last day of February

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Small game hunting season

Pheasant: 01 October – last day of February
Partridge: 01 October – 31 December
Collared dove: 15 August – 31 January
Mallard: 15 August – 31 January
Coot: 01 September – 31 January
Semi wild duck (driven mallard):
 All year around
Bean goose, greater white-fronted goose, Canada goose, Egyptian goose: 01 October – 31 January
Greylag goose: 01 October – 31 December
Wood pigeon: 15 August – 31 January
Hooded crow, magpie: 01 July – last day of February
Jay: 01 July – last day of February
Brown hare: 01 October – 31 December
Rabbit: All year around
Fox, golden jackal, beech marten, muskrat, racoon dog, racoon: All year around
Ferret: 01 July -last day of Februray
Budger: 01 July -last day of Februray

Hunting in Hungary


  Falconry is the hunting of wild animals in their natural state and habitat by means of a trained bird of prey. It is considered the most ethical way of hunting as the quarry has the chance to escape and the animals’ habitat is not disturbed by the sound of

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Bowhunting in Hungary

We offering unlimited Wild boar, Red hind and Roe doe hunting on high seat and stalking for 4 days and 3 nights for £1100 / €1300 / $1350. The hunting ground is 45 minutes from Budapest airport and one of the best Forestry Commission area in Hungary. The price includes

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Driven boar hunting in Hungary

1. We offer 3 days of driven boar hunting in Hungary in Nograd county for a flat fee of £2650 €3050 $3680 with unlimited boar shooting no any extra shooting fee or trophy fee! Expected bag 45+ for 12 hunters and the hunting ground approx. 1-hour drive from Budapest airport. The

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Fallow Buck hunting in Hungary

We offer a unique opportunity for Fallow buck hunting in Hungary on the world best Fallow buck territory in Hungary. This place currently holds First Second and seventh place on the top 10 World record list on Fallow bucks.  The trip cost £3300 €3800 $4600 and this price includes 6 outings,

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